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Underground Diamond Core Drilling

We have four self-built and self-designed drilling rigs. Our drilling rigs are built to be steered easily and moved quickly, which allows us to work efficiently and precisely. The drilling rigs can be positioned to drill at a wide range of angles. We have also paid particular attention to workplace safety and ergonomics in the design of our drilling rigs.

Three of our rigs are equipped with an Epiroc Diamec Smart 6 drilling machine. The most powerful deep hole rig can drill holes of approximately 900 metres with the NQ2 coring system. The other two rigs can drill holes of about 650 metres with the NQ2 coring system.

Surface Drilling

We have two self-built and self-designed drilling rigs for surface drilling. Each rig is easy to move and eco-friendly. The newest rig is built on a crawler chassis that has two 900mm tracks. This minimizes its impact on the terrain. All necessary equipment for drilling is transported to the drilling rig with another crawler type rig.

The rig is equipped with the Epiroc Smart 8 drilling machine, which has a maximum drilling depth of approximately 1,500 metres. The other rig is built into a container that is moved on a forestry machine chassis with eight wheels. Swamp tracks can be attached to the container rig, if needed. The rig is equipped with the Epiroc Smart 6 deep hole drilling machine which has a maximum drilling depth of approximately 900 metres. We also have a recovery unit for the sand created from drilling and a closed water circulation option.

Measuring Services

Deflection Measurements

We have a range of measuring equipment for deflection measurements:
three DeviFlex measuring systems and two Finnish Vatjus dip measuring systems.

Directional Core Drilling

We can provide Devicore BBT core orientation systems.
We also have Reflect ACT III core orientation systems available.