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Environmental protection is vitally
important to us

We always strive to keep the environmental impact of our operations to a minimum. We pay attention to the terrain and seasons when planning our drilling sites and working schedules.

We continuously ensure that our personnel are professional and environmentally aware, so that drilling proceeds from start to finish in a way that respects environmental values. All our employees are trained to react to potential hazardous situations immediately.

Our Operating Principle is a Clean Environment

Our operating principles include taking care of the cleanliness of our drilling site so that no waste is left behind from our operations. Waste is sorted, and we ensure that it is recycled and appropriately disposed of. Waste oils are collected in barrels, which are transported to our warehouse, and from there, collectively on to recycling centres.

Fuel and oil safety are an important part of our operations at drilling sites. We aim not to spill a single drop of fuel or oil on the ground. Our standard equipment includes oil spill response equipment in case of extreme situations.