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Quality Drilling Since 2006

In 2006, the Hitura mine at Outokumpu aimed to streamline its underground drilling operations and organized an invitation to tender for the drilling machine and drilling contract. The contracts were awarded to Kalevi Kesselin and Jari Kangas. On that occasion, the management of the Hitura mine at Outokumpu believed that Kalevi and Jari were best qualified to bring the contract to completion. This is how Nivalan Timanttikairaus Oy was founded in April 2006.

The owners of the company, Managing Director Jari Kangas and Technical Director Kalevi Kesseli, also worked at the Hitura mine as drillers between 2006-2008. In 2007, the drilling operations at Hitura proceeded with two machines, and the company also hired its first employees. The company acquired its first surface drilling machine in 2008, when its number of personnel grew to ten employees. Nivalan Timanttikairaus began drilling underground at the Agnico Eagle mine in Kittilä in 2009 and has continuously worked at the mine since then.

Modernised Machinery and a Growing Staff

Our company was awarded the 2020-2024 delineation and conversion drilling contract for the Agnico Eagle mine in Kittilä. Our underground machinery will increase with this contract, as will our personnel, which will grow to forty employees. In the tendering process, a strong emphasis was placed on the qualitative factors of drilling, which is precisely why Nivalan Timanttikairaus Oy got this contract.